Who is Blesster?

Blesster is an initiative by De Familiezender, a company owned by Sefanja Jongkind.

In 2021 Sefanja partnered up with a Christian married couple (Matthew and Danielle Kousemaker – owners of Danielle Bernice Ministries and M&D Marketing and Design), to fulfill a God-given vision all three of them had:

To provide for a global social media platform solely for Christians. A safe place where Christians can make friends, share testimonies, encourage each other, pray for each other, and more. All for the upbuilding of the body of Christ.

Blesster’s mission is to bring Christians across the world closer together and enable them to build community.

Blesster’s target group

Although the platform is meant for all Christians, it focuses on Christians between the ages of 25 and 50; men and women alike.

The Christians Blesster is aiming to unite, are not divided by denominations, but do have at least these three beliefs in common:

  • That the Bible is the infallible, authoritative Word of God.
  • That Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He died and rose again for our sins.
  • That only through Jesus, mankind can be reunited with God with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Blesster’s vision

Within God’s timing, Blesster wants to become the Christian alternative to Facebook.

Blesster’s corporate identity

Since Blesster is a Christian platform, it is founded on Biblical principles. This means that everything Blesster expresses, aims to be in line with Scripture and with Jesus’ character, while being fully aware that the people behind Blesster are fallible, and need God’s grace to do this.

In all communication efforts, Blesster wants to mainly display these aspects of Jesus’ character:

  • Love (John 13:34)
  • Joy (John 17:13)
  • Peace (John 14:27)

Visual translation of Blesster’s identity

Look and feel

In order to maintain a feeling of peace, it’s important to create a feeling of unity and clarity. The community must be able to have an overview without feeling overwhelmed by colors, text, information or anything else.

Blesster uses hues of blue, a color widely associated with the sky and with water. As a result, it is often said that it communicates values like clarity, trust, truthfulness, and peaceability.

These blue colors are balanced by dark grey and supplemented by white.

Color codes: #0067a6 (logo character), #8bbbe0 (slogan and cross), #dedede (alternative logo character), #0a769c (header), #2a87a7 (buttons), #f0ad4e (alternative buttons), #333333 (submenu) and #eaeaea (alternative background).


The images Blesster uses on any of its pages, should all express love, joy and peace.

Images that are posted within the community all need to be subject to the community guidelines.


Using too many font types, in various sizes, especially the serif types, can lead to a cluttered, restless appearance.

The use of headers, spaces, and a somewhat larger line distance can help create visual space, and therefore rest for the eyes.

That is why Blesster uses:

Font types and sizes: Arial Bold Italic Condensed (78px), PT Sans (14px), Tahoma (10px), Arial/Times New Roman (alternative).

Interlineation: 0 pt – 8 pt, 1,5.

Textual translation of Blesster’s identity


Because Blesster is a global network, communication from Blesster will be in English (US). Over time Blesster might incorporate a translation service, to facilitate multiple languages, if this appears to be a need in the community. Communication between members of the community, may happen in any language they prefer.

Tone of voice

Blesster will always try to express itself in a loving, joyful, and peace-promoting manner. But since love supersedes even joy and peace, this will always be the main motivator of any expression. For instance, this means that a loving response can be one expressing sympathy without putting an emphasis on joy or peace.

Technical translation of Blesster’s identity

Unlike commercial platforms like Facebook, Blesster will not sell personal information to third parties.